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School Readiness Institutes

School Readiness Professional Development

According to the Louisiana Department of Education, in The Rapides Foundation's service area 29 percent of at-risk four-year-old children are in low quality early childhood facilities or not enrolled in a facility, and 28 percent of three-year-old children are in low quality centers.

Studies show that children who attend some type of early childhood program before kindergarten are more likely to complete high school and go through their entire school careers without repeating a grade. With the goal to enhance and support efforts to improve early childhood education and to improve the quality ratings of PreK, Head Start and childcare centers in the region, The Orchard Foundation administers School Readiness training institutes for eligible Central Louisiana organizations that are participating in the state of Louisiana's Early Childhood System Community Network.

School Readiness Institutes

The Orchard Foundation administers school readiness training institutes for PreK, Head Start and Childcare centers who are participating in the state of Louisiana’s Early Childhood System Community Network pilots. 

To expand access to high quality, publicly funded, early childhood education programs and ensure more children are ready to enter kindergarten, the Louisiana Legislature enacted Act 3, which includes the Community Network pilots as part of the effort to develop a unified Early Childhood System of Local Networks across the state.  

The training institutes provided by The Orchard Foundation are funded by The Rapides Foundation’s Education Initiative, which includes a School Readiness component to enhance and support training opportunities for Community Network pilot participants. The training is presented by Teachstone, and provides additional opportunities for Community Network pilot participants to receive the state-approved training. 

The School Readiness training includes: Teaching Strategies Gold, the state’s Birth to Kindergarten assessment tool; and CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) Observer Reliability training, which prepares an observer to conduct CLASS observations. 

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