Career and Postsecondary Readiness

Through Career Readiness programs, Cenla residents are given the opportunity and support to earn a credential or degree that will put them in a position for a rewarding job that offers a good quality of life. 

The various Career Readiness programs implemented through The Orchard Foundation focus on achieving career and postsecondary success through implementation of counseling, credential and advance credit programs. In addition, Orchard offers several programs for teachers to learn how to translate the skills needed in today's workforce into their classrooms.

Career and Postsecondary Readiness Programs

Cenla Work Ready Network

The Cenla Work Ready Network links education and workforce development efforts and aligns them with regional economic needs.

College and Career Coaching

College and Career Coaching provides Central Louisiana students with coaching and support to help them prepare for success after high school. 

Students Exploring Career Opportunities

The Students Exploring Career Opportunities Expo introduces Cenla tenth graders to career possibilities through hands-on activities.

Workplace Experience Exchange Camp

The WEE Camp is available for teachers to learn how classroom content and learning strategies are applied in the workplace.

Cenla Jump Start

Jump Start Inventory

Jump Start Industry-Based Credentials