Instructional Strategies for Student Engagement

When teachers actively engage students in the classroom, they pay attention, they're motivated, and ultimately, they learn more, leading to improved student achievement. 

The Orchard Foundation, with funding from The Rapides Foundation, provides summer institutes on Kagan Cooperative Learning, which provides teachers with resources, tools and strategies they can use to increase student engagement and learning. 

Kagan Cooperative Learning Institute

Through funding from The Rapides Foundation, The Orchard Foundation provides institutes focused on increasing student engagement for educators from Central Louisiana's public school districts.

The Kagan Cooperative Learning workshops are presented by Kagan Publishing and Professional Development, and give teachers structures to implement in the classroom to improve student engagement, rigor and collaboration. Kagan Structures also help teachers manage their classroom and promote a positive classroom climate.

The 5-day workshop is open to Central Louisiana public school teachers from all grade levels, curriculum specialists, site coach trainees, and administrators. If you are interested in attending, please contact The Orchard Foundation.