Partner Programs

The Orchard Foundation was established by The Rapides Foundation in 2004 to act as a nonprofit local education fund to improve educational opportunities for Central Louisiana educators.

The Orchard Foundation continues to work with school districts, businesses and communities to provide opportunities to develop leaders in education which enhance the education efforts in Central Louisiana.

Businesses and community leaders, foundations, state and federal agencies, and other partners are encouraged to support the fund in multiple ways. The Orchard Foundation seeks funding and partnerships which will help fulfill its Vision of serving as a resource which promotes leadership development for educators and higher achievement for students in Central Louisiana.


Central Louisiana Instructional Partnership

The CLIP program will recruit, train, support and retain math and science teachers in high-needs Central Louisiana middle schools.

100Kin10 Partnership

The Orchard Foundation participated as a partner in a national network to bring 100,000 new STEM teachers into schools by 2021.

Cenla Academic Residency for Teachers

The CART program was created to improve the quality and quantity of STEM teachers in rural schools in Central Louisiana.