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Math to Build On

Math to Build On

Research shows that children who participate in high-quality early childhood programs are more likely to enter kindergarten ready to learn. 

The Orchard Foundation developed and coordinates its early math literacy program, Math to Build On, to help prepare young children for school success by helping them understand math concepts long before they set foot in a classroom. The goal of the Math to Build On program is to develop and strengthen math skills through reading and activities and to help families learn how to continue to reinforce the learning at home so children will be ready when they enter kindergarten.

Math to Build On Program

Math to Build On is a free, eight-session early math literacy program for children ages birth to five and their parents or caregivers. The program helps develop and strengthen math skills through reading and activities by educating parents, building a child's home library and increasing awareness about community resources to help ensure the child has the tools for school success. 

By the end of the program, children get a certificate of participation and a Math to Build On bag. Families receive five books each session they attend the program. If a family attends all 8 sessions, they will have 40 new books to adorn their home library, while the parents come away with tips and resources that help them teach their young ones.

Each session focuses on a different topic area and is designed to be fun, giving parents and caregivers a chance to bond with their kids in a learning environment. Sessions include music, dancing, crafts and refreshments.

The eight Math to Build On sessions follow early childhood education best practices and are specifically tailored for Central Louisiana.

Sessions are limited to 15 families at a time and registration is required in advance of the first session. Children must be accompanied by an adult. At least one child must be 5 years of age or younger. Parents can bring multiple children, although only one set of books goes home with each family. Families get books at the end of each session. By the end of the eight sessions, participants who attend every session will have a grand total of 40 books.

To register, download the flyer for the appropriate Math to Build On program and then contact The Orchard Foundation at 318-767-3018 for more information. Math to Build On was developed and is administered by The Orchard Foundation. It is part of The Rapides Foundation's Education Initiative.

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