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Workplace Experience Exchange Camp

Workplace Experience Exchange Camp

The Orchard Foundation administers several programs associated with its Career and Postsecondary Readiness strategies. Many of those programs are funded by The Rapides Foundation through its Education Initiative. 

One of the more popular programs geared toward Cenla educators is the Workplace Experience Exchange (WEE) Camp. The Orchard Foundation implements the WEE Camp for educators to learn through direct, hands-on experience about trends, skill requirements, and opportunities in industries within the region, and how externships can work for educators and students. 

Through the Workplace Experience Exchange Camp, teachers have the ability to connect theory with practice, and bring an understanding of workplace practices and policies into the classroom, increasing the relevance of student learning. The experience also gives teachers insight about programs offered at the postsecondary level and how it correlates to local businesses and industries. 

Educators can choose from two WEE Camp options:

  • Option 1: WEE Camp I - For first-time participants; 4-day program for educators to visit local businesses and postsecondary institutions to learn about skills requirements for jobs, find out about available resources for educators, and tour facilities.

  • Option 2: WEE Camp II - Preference given to past WEE Camp I participants; 5-day program with a more intense focus on the skills students need in today's workforce. Participants are embedded for two days in the day-to-day activities of select businesses to observe the successful workplace skills. The other days of the program consist of visits to local businesses and postsecondary institutions. 

The goal is that WEE Camp will serve as a foundation from which to develop a full externship program partnering educators and business. 

The 2020 session of WEE Camp is canceled due to impacts from COVID-19. Please monitor this page for details about the 2021 program. 

If you are a teacher interested in attending, or a business interested in becoming a partner for WEE Camp, please contact The Orchard Foundation at 318-767-6560 or 1-800-804-8454.

The Workplace Experience Exchange Camp is funded by The Rapides Foundation's Education Initiative as part of its Career and Postsecondary Readiness strategies.


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